Membership Types


This role is physically and mentally demanding; you will be asked to intervene and provide exemplary service during the worst moments of people’s lives. Your training is very extensive but manageable if you have strong time management skills. You will be provided with a full set of gear and a pager and all the basic training necessary. You will serve at least a 6 month probationary period before being able to enter dangerous situations. The Shelton Fire Department provides members with the opportunity to become certified as Firefighter I&II through the State of Connecticut.

To become a fully licensed, certified and ranking Firefighter I, you will take a series of training courses which equate to around 200 hours of class time. Upon completion of additional training, you will also have the opportunity to join specialized rescue teams in the area such as: Dive Rescue and Recovery; Urban Search and Rescue; and Hazardous Materials. You will find that your training is intellectually stimulating and will compliment your professional work or education; in addition to the unique skills acquired, you will become a leader among your peers and learn new management styles. The possibilities for advancement in this position are limitless. Realistically, you can acquire the credentials needed to become an officer in only two and a half years. All training is provided free of charge and is strongly encouraged.


  • Ability to pass a physical exam
  • No criminal background
  • Live in the Huntington section of Shelton
  • Serve a 6 month probationary period (18+)
  • Attend weekly meetings & drills
  • Minimum age of 16 for Brigade membership

Brigade (16-18)

Entering the fire service as a junior member is a great opportunity for high school students to learn about the fire service and serve the community. Our Brigade members are at least 16 years old and have the opportunity to train and respond to emergencies under the guidance of senior firefighters and officers. Brigade members are equipped with a full set of gear and respond to calls to assist crews with handling all emergencies. Brigade members are not allowed into burning buildings or any hazardous environments but they play an essential role at the scene of an emergency by helping setup and run equipment from a safe distance away from any hazards. Upon turning 18 years old, Brigade members will be fully trained and ready to become regular firefighters and will have the ability to take courses to become certified firefighters by the State of Connecticut. Brigade members will also assist with non-emergency tasks such as fundraising, training, and maintenance of equipment.


If you have the desire to serve in a non physical role, membership into our Auxiliary unit may be for you. Community volunteers are needed to assist with the non-emergency tasks of the company. This frees up the firefighters to focus on training and response activities, while enabling community members to provide needed support to help their local firehouse run. If you want to help your community in ways few can, contact us today to find out how to join.